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I’ve lived with Bull Terriers my entire life. Dutchess slept under my crib when I was brought home from the hospital. Brandy was my second birthday present.

Penny, the first Bull Terrier I owned as an adult was purchased in Alaska in 1972. She helped me raise two children in the far frozen north.  She was playmate, babysitter and best friend to my daughters. Penny moved with us and her “mother” Caloosahachee, a doxie, to Georgia and New Hampshire.

Sunshine was our next B.T. and the passion grew. I met many wonderful, life long  friends among the Bull Terrier folk. After breeding and showing the standards for years, I met an amazing Mini named Tyke. She was the first Mini I really knew.  The rest is history, as they say.

That was 1990 and today Tyke’s daughter Gemma graces my couch by day and my bed by night. She is my foundation bitch and is behind every Mini I’ve bred. Tyke lived to be fifteen and Gemma  was thirteen on October 10th, 2008.

Minis are great companions. They are smart, active and agile. Minis make great family pets and backyard patrollers. They are excellent in confirmation and performance rings. They are friendly, courageous and eager for new adventures.  Life with a Mini is never boring.

I believe breeding good Miniature Bull Terriers is a little like building a three legged stool.  All the legs need to work together to make the stool stable.  The three legs of breeding good Miniature Bull Terriers are health, temperament and confirmation.  Each is equally important in producing a quality Mini.


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